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Ancient accounts of Sasquatch behavior include a strange practice of forest mischief that has come to be known as boppinsquatchin’. In these accounts, wild Sasquatch have been observed sneaking up on forest creatures to give them a quick poke before slipping away unseen. If successful, this behavior leaves the unsuspecting animals to wonder if their experiences are real, or if they are simply imagining things.



These vibrant prints are high-quality Giclée – they are created using archival inks on acid-free cold press watercolor paper for museum quality that last a lifetime without fading. We spared no expense. Your Jeff Goldblum dinosaur will still be wreaking chaos in hundreds of years time.

***Frame not included***


-prints are shipped flat inside a protective sleeve and rigid mailer supported by cardboard for added durability.

-prints are shipped without mat or frame


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3 reviews for Boop Print

  1. nodeneal

    Some things you order online just aren’t the same went you get them in front of you. But this majestic creature
    right here went above and beyond any thoughts I may have had when I clicked the purchase button!!! Oh my…. I am getting a matted frame for this bad boy right here 👍🏼

  2. PaulAndN

    This is a beautiful masterpiece! I love it. It’s perfect for the Squatch room.
    Thank you!

  3. Jeri

    I cannot tell you how much I love this! The artwork is just beautiful.

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  1. Mary  Verified Owner

    All Aces, shipping was fast + easy. The print itself is quality. My friend is going to lose his mind when he opens it! Thanks Luke.
    Chaosaurus Print
  2. Dave  Verified Owner

    Excellent! I love it! It's going on my 'weird' wall with my Brandon Birds. Only complaint is that the shipper still managed to beat the crap out of it a little, but that's hardly the seller's fault, it was quite sturdily packed. Nothing what some time spent pressed between heavy books won't cure; I've gotten the bend out of it and I just need to flatten a slight corner crumple.
    Chaosaurus Print
  3. Allia  Verified Owner

    So proud of this piece. Framed immediately and matching sticker placed on my car dash.
    Chaosaurus Print
  4. Ciera  Verified Owner

    Absolutely beautiful! I’ve wanted a print of this for quite some time and am so happy that it is hear, I loved the gift of the stickers as well!!!! Thank you so much Luke!!!! If you’re reading the reviews because you’re on the fence about ordering a piece, do it, you will not regret it
    Chaosaurus Print
  5. Ben  Verified Owner

    Great unique design for a present
    Chaosaurus T-shirt