Alien Paradise

This painting was inspired by the then upcoming film “Alien: Covenant.” I saw a few trailers for the film and they were delightfully suspenseful. I thought it would be cool to try and capture a similar feeling of anticipation and uneasiness in a piece of art. Just like in a good movie trailer, I wanted the artwork to “paint a picture” of the story without giving away too many details. Part of the reason the original “Alien” movie is so successful as a thriller is the absence of shots of the actual alien throughout most of the film. The terror in the audience’s own imagination is unbounded.

In the final painting, the viewer is given just enough information to make assumptions about the context of the scene, while still leaving broad strokes up to the imagination. By only revealing the silhouette of the alien facehugger in color, contrast between the subject and style serves as a metaphor for this concept, as there is no alien actually present in the painting. Where is it?